London's Calling

June 13, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Last weekend was spent in London with a great team working on a landmark project in the capital. I travelled down on Saturday afternoon to meet the team and work started early on Sunday morning with a call time of 05.00!

Early though it seemed, it was nothing compared to the market holders of Columbia Road Flower Market who’d been up since 04:00 setting up their stalls.

This is a project that started for me last year; the concept is to depict 24 hours of life in London.  To capture the hustle and bustle of life in the capital we choose to use our 36 mega-pixel Nikon D800, which is the highest pixel count of any DSLR available today.  The key advantage of this is the massive image size, which allows us to crop in and still maintain better than HD quality.  Piccadilly Circus, London Bridge and Liverpool St. Station are all locations we filmed last year.

What’s interesting for me is the scale of the operation, I’m working with a huge team and the planning is extensive.  Working in the capital there all sorts of restrictions, permissions required and the planning has been paramount.

Last weekend we shot at three locations with multiple takes at each site.  To get the best shot we used a 6.5 metre mast and shot one frame every second with a total of 720 frames in each sequence.  We ended up shooting over 200GB of data in one day!

I’m afraid this is all I can divulge at the moment, as it’s a bit hush hush!  More information to follow on this exciting London project…



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