Bright lights of Threlkeld!

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Just when I thought my job wasn't glamorous enough and Hollywood arrives in Threlkeld!  Well not quite Hollywood but a very large production team set on making a case study film on the benefits of 4G LTE.

As official trialists for the 4G 1800 MHz frequency last year in Threlkeld and being a business that likes to keep ahead of the game by investing in top notch technology, the UK's largest communication company Everything, Everywhere were keen to pin us down to a day of filming.

EE’s campaign has already featured the London Air Ambulance, Renault UK and Foxton's Estate Agents and they were looking for people who were using the technology.  We work for regional, national and international organisations and need to send and receive large amounts of data.  Good communications is key for us to compete on a global level.

As a rural business with award winning technology in the Swinglet CAM, it's the upload and download time which has let us down in the past. With 4G we have seen a speed improvement of up to forty times faster than the current 3G technology.  We are the perfect case study, the 4G technology really makes a difference.

It actually isn't a glamorous World, let me correct myself, with a call time of 06.30 at the offices in Threkeld and a long day ahead of us traipsing up and down the quarry in Threlkeld. It was hard work but fun needless to say.  The first three crew vehicles arrived with crew and kit, about 14 all in all.

Ian Hartland, owner of Threlkeld Mining Museum had kindly allowed us to use his quarry as a location for the shoot, so the first task in hand was to manoeuver our cast, crew and mass of kit half way up the fell side.  Easier said than done, with only one four wheel drive vehicle – our very own, James ferried some of the kit up the top of the quarry while the director gasped at the fabulous views, a perfect backdrop for the film.

The aim of the film was to show James and I at work with the Swinglet CAM, the quarry is a perfect location for this and to really show it in action they booked, yes, another crew.  Chris from Upper Cut Productions turned up around 11 with his Octocopter to capture the Swinglet CAM in action.  James had done some of his flight training with Chris so they’d already met. This has to be a first, the Octocopter flying above the Swinglet CAM – technology in action.

The weather held out across the day, and we were able to demonstrate the Swinglet CAMs’ capabilities to the full and also highlight the full potential of the 4G and the opportunities it provides for us.

After a transformation of the office using a van load of lights an interview on the fell and back in the studio, it's a wrap at 19.00 and a tired and weary crew make their way back to the dizzy city lights of Soho, London.  The dust settles on the road to Threlkeld quarry and James shuts up the unit - who know what tomorrow will bring!


P.s. Watch this space for details of the Premier!



















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