M74 Completion – Scotland’s largest ever road project

July 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

We began work on this project back in May 2008 and in May 2013 we took the final set of aerial shots of the M74 Completion project. The road has been open for two years now and these shots really show the established road and the significant development along the route. At a cost of £437 million the project was delivered by four of the country's leading civil engineering companies under budget and ahead of schedule - a fantastic testament to all involved.

For me personally it was great to see how the development fits in and now blends into the environment - it looks like it’s always been there. Controversy surrounded the decision to proceed with construction, so it was also good to see a decent volume of traffic using the road, which, to my mind, proves it's worth.

Looking back at the original aerial shots before work started, it’s amazing what has been achieved over that period of time.

It’s been a privilege to have worked on the M74 Completion project, to record the construction from start to finish on Scotland’s largest ever road project has been a fantastic opportunity.

Aerial - M74 Completion - Scotland's largest ever road project



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