A Birds Eye View - Clyde Gateway Regeneration Project.

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"Since 2008, Walker Ellis have provided Clyde Gateway with consistently high-quality aerial photographs which we have used to great effect across a range of media including print and on-line. I've always been delighted and impressed with the results of their work."

Jim Clark, Senior Manager (Communications & Company Systems) Clyde Gateway.

Clyde Gateway AerialClyde Gateway Aerial

The Clyde Gateway Regeneration project in Glasgow is one of our projects. Covering an area over the east end of Glasgow including Bridgeton and Dalmarnock and Rutherglen and Shawfield in South Lanarkshire.  We've photographed at regular intervals the sites before regeneration, during and after completion.  Our images have helped the planning and the organisation of the schemes and given the teams an overview of the whole development.

Clyde Gateway AerialClyde Gateway Aerial

We always head up in a Cessna 172, it's four seats allow us the option to take clients up if they wish. Recently we were in the air for about an hour capturing 195 top quality images.  The weather was great, there was a touch of  wind so there were some bumps but you'd never have known looking at the final images - we got some brilliant shots.

We use the Cessna for aerial progress and PR shots while our UAV is used for mapping and aerial survey work.  It gives us 3D elevation data in addition to the high resolution photographic image.

I really enjoy the flying part of my job,  whether it be on board the Cessna 172 or flying our own UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), both get fantastic results and the experiences are totally different.


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