Construction Film Video Production

Film represents our biggest growth area in the construction sector. Our specialist team has produced films on a range of subjects including induction, health & safety, workforce engagement & company promotion. Video is 50 times more likely to rank on the first search page and with over 5.5 billion clips being watched in the UK in one month (source:ComeScore 2010) why miss out on this opportunity? Video is a hard to ignore medium, most of us find it more accessible, the message of your business or company can be communicated in a fraction of the time compared to reading detailed content, instructions or other marketing literature.

It gives an opportunity to tell your story, to show the human side of the business to share your product or company with the World. It’s a versatile package that can be used for promotional and shareholder communication and great for in house training. We work with all manner of budgets and are happy to discuss what best suits you.

Construction site video production

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